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Wrinkles on the upper? How to do ?!

Wrinkles on the upper? How to do ?!

Are you also worried about the creases on your Shoes?

British net friend Shantel Dé Bonsu shared on YouTube how to use four steps to simply remove the crease of the upper. The netizen is very effective and has been shared more than 130,000 times on Twitter. 213,371 plays on YouTube.
Before you start, the materials you need to prepare are:
Some old socks/old clothes/toilet paper, a small towel, an iron, and some hot water.

[Youtub video screenshot]
Step 1: Put the old socks/old clothes/toilet paper into the shoes, and the more you stuff, the better, until the filling can't move, the upper can't be pressed down, and the shoes are not visible.

Stuffed shoes
Step 2: Take a small towel or rag, soak it in hot water and wring it out.
Step 3: Cover the crease with a towel or rag.

Step 4; Start ironing the cloth, the crease is lighter, just burn it down; if the crease is deeper, you can burn it a few times, but remember to lift the iron regularly to observe it, otherwise it may burn the shoes.

Then witness the magic moment!

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